ARCH 793B : Directed Design Research (Thesis)

Urban Camouflage

The scale-up-and-down re-projection from distance to space, an invisible urban form, but retaining the original space sequence, opposing grids to emphasize the limitations of the architecture system. That is why new buildings are closely linked to the surroundings, but extremely strange. To criticize the existential value of an art museum by means of a hyperreality mask, whether it is a proposition of art commodities or a dual identity of art itself, or a background and landmark of urban architectural sceneries. The invisible structure placed on the site is the idea of a future urban space.
The street acts as a grid through the city scaling adult row width; Window-like pixel particles enlarged into building mass facades; The weird city curve is repeatedly emphasized after being mirrored. This unfamiliar and familiar feeling is an intertwined mix of imaginary fantasy and realism. Analogies to human bodies are limited, such as height differences are not significant. However, perceptual and perceptual mental activity deficiencies transcend their own scales and vary greatly. This thought-scale change at the level of consciousness separates architecture from reality and reinterprets a hyperreality. Disneyland through the continuous view of the spectacle, Pompidou through the non-architectural structure replacement, this program through the city scale of the redirection to find a reality.
Architectural constraints are in their situation just as human beings are. In contrast, architecture and human beings are free in their perceptual imagination. An invisible structure is precisely a bridge between architecture and human beings beyond their physical existence. It is critical that this transcendence of physical properties requires a heterogeneous social spectacle based on a physical reality rather than a non-architectural inhuman alienation. And based on a reality of transcendence, this is the meaning of letting the building bond to its situation. It is a remodeling of the hyperreality of a secret city to criticize the modern life in the context of the original city, which is a re-territorialization emphasizing and dramatizing the existing situation. This approach is urban camouflage