ARCH 541B: Landscape Architecture Design Gallery: Re-wilding MacArthur Park

The Orchards at Mac Arthur Park

Mac Arthur Park is located in Westlake, Los Angeles. A piece of lands where culture has been collected along the centuries, shifting with the communities that surrounds it. Today Mac Arthur park has been colonized by the urban context that surrounds it. The aim of this project is to re-wild the park for the benefit of the communities, creating an “everyday space” that welcomes everyone into the great outdoors. Now more than ever we need to recognize the value that the natural environment has. I am sure that we have all experienced the need to be outdoors as the pandemic arrived. Lucky for some of us we had the opportunity to stay home and spend time in our backyards or open spaces. But during those times what kept me sane was my everyday walk through the public park near my house. Considering my personal experiences, I rewilded Mac Arthur Park so that everyone can have access to a natural outdoor space in their every day.