ARCH 705: Advanced Graduate Architecture Design Gallery: A Mixed-use "COVID Resistant" Outpatient Clinic, Elderly Care Center and 55+ Homeless Housing

The Healing Complex for COVID Resistant

This assignment aims on the combination of three medical buildings: an outpatient building, a nursing home and a homeless housing. In order to provide helps for the residentials to face COVID-19, the medical complex includes a lot of new functions for the public like COVID testing and ECMO. What’s more, this complex provide another help for nursing and homeless housing, which can be a good place for accomodating the patients and the homeless.
About the site plan, I make a center garden to provide a central landscape for linking these thress buildings. In order to use the sharp angle, I design my outpatient building as a triangle to satisfy the site. In addition, considering that outdoor activities, farm market and central garden can be linked together to improve the outdoor landscape.