ARCH 793B: Architecture Directed Design Research Gallery: Composite Figures

The Frame: Private and Shared Spaces

This project is to provide an affordable housing around public transportation such as Metro and Bus stop, and this encourages the residents to use public transportation and allow them to approach the property. For the project, the building consists of six modules which are made of FRP materials and are fan-shaped models.These modules will be stacked up but these modules will be located in different locations and be shifted any directions randomly which create strong building facades and different flow and volume of each layers by the curve lines of the modules. Also, the each floor has shared balconies which provide opportunities to have relationships with their neighborhoods and the openings in the shared spaces between residential units will bring skylight into the courtyard and provide wide open-views. With this project, the housing crisis would be reduced and the residents would have more opportunities to have connections with communities and neighborhoods.