ARCH 605B: Graduate Architecture Design - Comprehensive Gallery: LA Med-Hive

The Crenshaw Cooperative

The Crenshaw Cooperative is a mixed-use medical complex situated on the congested, urban intersection of two of Metro’s emerging rail projects – the Expo Line and the Crenshaw Line.

From a contextual viewpoint, the project’s promenade and plaza introduce public transportation users to the cultural richness in the Crenshaw community, that continues down Crenshaw Blvd in the form of a chain of commercial and public spaces.

The Crenshaw Cooperative explores the idea of slow space by breaking down the holistic programmatic mass of the project in order to create social pockets and spatial eddies within the public realm of the project. This porous circulation ultimately encourages a social blending between the patients, transit-bound pedestrians, and medical staff and students.

By prioritizing slow space strategies and community programs, the Crenshaw Cooperative is a collaboration of architecture, urban design, and program with a mission to increase public accessibility to healthy spaces and efficient engagement with medical staff, and also give back space to the neighborhood for community expression.