ARCH 505B: Graduate Architecture Design I - Elements, Principles and Phenomena Gallery: The Inside and the Outside

Square – Round

Generated from Robert Venturi’s quote,“… Elements that are both good and awkward… round and square, structural and spatial,” this micro dwelling is formed through a process of subtracting contradicting geometric forms within forms. Spheres boolean into a rectangular prism, carving out interior spaces and apertures. Added to the form are slatted screens which modulate light in a vertical pattern, shifting to follow the movement of the sun.

While the spherical hollows dictate most of the program, the poche itself is accessed through vertical circulation, the bathroom, and kitchen fixtures. The main living space includes the kitchen, study space and bathroom, all revolving around a central multi-functioning island. Storage occupies space underneath the floors filling in the spherical interiors, allowing inhabitants to feel the entire curvature of the boolean operation.

The ground floor serves as a threshold between the public and private, existing as a place to gather. Slatted screens can be opened to allow students and faculty to circulate through.