Social Ivory

Esra Daghestani, M.Arch +3 ’21 and Bettina Brown, M.Arch +3 ’21

ARCH 605B: Graduate Architecture Design - Integrated Technologies Studio

Gallery: Open Source Cross Laminated Timber

Instructor: John Southern

Social Ivory is a co-working space located on the edge of Chinatown and the L.A. River. This 20,121 sq.ft five-story Type IV CLT project embraces the concept of utilizing a network of paths in order to spatially and socially connect the building and its users to the city beyond. Social Ivory utilizes a series of louvers, courtyards, and double skins in order to lower the building’s overall solar heat gain, as well as to enhance the architectural experience for its users by extruding certain key programmatic components, such as private work pods, vertical circulation, and the auditorium. Social Ivory regulates movement and filters users throughout the project by way of specific circulation routes in and around the building. The main route is a physical connection of the bridge to the site’s ground plane in the form of a ramp. This ramp cuts through the building’s center. Social Ivory delivers a nesting of programmatic volumes that communicate the programmatic complexity inherent in the project’s overall form. The residual spaces formed around the circulation creates these programmatic spaces.