Slide and Reveal

Xixi Luo, M.Arch+3 ’22

ARCH 505B: Graduate Architecture Design I - Elements, Principles and Phenomena

Gallery: The Inside and the Outside

Instructor: Luciana Varkulja

Slide and Reveal seeks to use a flexible wall system to create transformable spaces. The movement is achieved by sliding a “wall” or a “panel”. A program or a space is revealed or redefined after the movement is completed. This two-story structure is composed by a series of rounded forms that are joined together, with a public program on the first level and a private program on the second level. The circular module is chosen to cater the nature of micro-unit, as circular space uses less material to enclose the same square footage as a rectangular structure. Selected walls are thickened to incorporate the principle of double-functioning elements. By taking the advantage of the site’s topography on the ground floor– a sloped hill that establishes a natural buffer zone – the public program embraces diversity that serves not only to the building user, but also to the community nearby.
Physical model images and oblique. Threshold, Passage, Room. Alteration and Addition to USC Fisher Museum of Art (Project 01)