ARCH 793b: Buildings, Drawings, Objects, and Tectonics


Shatter is a technique that can be used in architectural design to create a deconstructivist building that challenges conventional notions of form and structure. The process begins by selecting a base form or shape, which can be a simple geometric shape or a more complex form designed beforehand.

This project focuses on the basic property of deconstructivism, fragmentation, and takes “shatter” as the focus of discussion. Shattering is to use the debris produced after an object is smashed as a building massing.

The fragments can be arranged in different orientations and relationships to create new patterns and rhythms that evoke a sense of movement or dynamism. Some fragments can be emphasized to create a focal point or area of interest, while others can be arranged to provide functional and responsive spaces that consider factors such as natural light, ventilation, circulation, and accessibility.