ARCH 793B: Architecture Directed Design Research Gallery: Future Traditions of Nature: Bonaventure 2076


In 2076, extreme weather conditions and infertile soil will require cities like Los Angeles to become self-sustaining. As nature transforms and rages on, we will rely on advanced, sustainable technology to protect our way of life. A network of buildings will make up an interior city which will be connected by a secondary, underground sub-street. Each district will have several main public hubs which act as a shelter from severe weather, and will be redesigned to indicate them as connections to the sub-street. The Bonaventure Hotel was designed in 1976 like a city within a city, a retreat from the outside world, and is the ideal building to transform into one of these hot spots. As the agricultural hub for Downtown LA, the building features a variety of program which are seamlessly interconnected through a form generated by the translation of curves from plan to section, representing continuity, unification, and visibility.