ARCH 793B: Architecture Directed Design Research Gallery: The sense of purposefulness in Architecture

Reparative Architecture

Reparative tools are applied to the existing tower Torre de David located in Caracas, Venezuela. The incomplete tower intended for financial institutions has since been taken over by squatters. The new inhabitants have taken the initiative to begin converting the office building into a mixed used housing complex. However, the inhabitants have requested help from architects to provide them with a building made for living.

Reparative Architecture is an approach to building that is the antithesis of the prevalent Tabula Rasa approach. This approach begins with “bad” parts of the building being removed through Incision, the open wound is then closed up with a Scar, a Kinetic Scab is projected out filling the void in the building’s envelope, new spaces are then Injected into the building providing opportunities for new program.