ARCH 793B: Architecture Directed Design Research Gallery: The Drawing, Computation, The Machine, and The Hand

Recomposed Geometries

This thesis argues that designers must continue to develop skills of manipulating geometry with the software at hand. Machine learning technology and computational design innovate rapidly, and it is not hard to imagine that one day computers will dominate design decisions. However, most provocative architecture is predominantly designed by human intelligence. Architects must continue to advance their design abilities and think critically so that the design process can remain human.

The value of human creativity should continue to thrive while the technologies and tools keep advancing. Architecture should be produced by designers who can link human activity with the geometries that suit the space, not just those who operate computational software. This enables us to incorporate ideas that are bigger and more meaningful than data alone.

The LA River is rich with 2D and 3D geometries. The freeway overpass and the graffiti paintings on the wall create a vibrant atmosphere in contrast to the stark infrastructure of the river itself. This project aims to design a series of spaces that evoke a feeling of dynamism and test this thesis’ methodology by designing for a specific set of programs using found geometries and geometries transformed from 2D to 3D.