ARCH 692bL: Building Science Thesis

Post Occupancy Evaluation in office:Study of environmental satisfaction and work productivity through hot desking system

Hot Desking workplace arrangements are becoming popular post COVID-19 where employees follow a hybrid work culture to reduce the spread of infection. Therefore, the objective of this research is to identify the factors that contribute to the environmental satisfaction and work productivity of the occupants while reviewing the IEQ performance of the selected office. This study investigates any significant environmental and physiological components that affect the users’ overall IEQ satisfaction and work productivity in the hot desking system, as compared to the conventional workplace environment. To achieve this, this study adopted the Post Occupancy Evaluation methods, including survey to understand employee work comfort environment in a hot desk arrangement, and also investigated IEQ factor(s) influencing work productivity to mitigate the IEQ issues faced by the occupants in the hot-desking workplace and the survey revealed that occupants reported significantly lower environmental satisfactions in the hot desking condition, compared to the conventional workplace environment. The finding of this research can inform the design and operation of such a novel workplace environment to improve the occupants’ wellbeing and work productivity.