ARCH 505B: Graduate Architecture Design I - Elements, Principles and Phenomena Gallery: The Inside and the Outside

Oversized Birdhouse

This micro-dwelling project aims to examine the contradiction of the building to its surrounding constructed environment. By taking advantage of the semantic value of a birdhouse, the general program of the dwelling is less about the public. It features a megalithic façade that intersects with a high glass window, which together creates an airy and bright interior space. Embedded into the site, the oversized birdhouse digs into terrain. Vertical intersection creates and connects three levels, with 30 inches height difference in between – a regular countertop height. The lower level provides visual experience of the outside that is unique yet discrete.
As a quiet hide-out spot, the tenant of the birdhouse has the opportunity to relax and to reflect, despite the energetic and active nature of the campus.

Physical model images and oblique. Threshold, Passage, Room. Alteration and Addition to USC Fisher Museum of Art (Project 01)