ARCH 705: Advanced Graduate Architecture Design Gallery: A Mixed-use "COVID Resistant" Outpatient Clinic, Elderly Care Center and 55+ Homeless Housing

“Nature behind the door”

This is a design that emphasizes the integration of nature. During the design process, I tried different methods to introduce nature into architecture, or to create the opportunity to contact with nature to the greatest extent.

From the scale of the site, I try to continue the greening on the west side of Compton Ave, introduce people into the designed site through the Farmer’s Market, and then connect the recreation center on the east side of the site, finally forming a long and continuous green open space.

From the scale of the buildings, all three buildings attempt to increase nature light and ventilation by introducing atrium or courtyard in the middle.

By introducing nature into the building, it not only improves the lighting and ventilation, but also helps to keep people in a good mood, which is also an important factor in the healing of this healthy community.

Give people the chance to touch the nature and the green after they open their door. That’s the “Nature behind the door”.