ARCH 542: Landscape Architecture Design Gallery: Landscape at the Intersection of Life and Death

Memorial Extremes: Designing with Fire + Water

Base one the research of the relationship between our earth and climate change, Many areas around the world are experiencing soil erosion issue after fires due to climate warming, especially near the Los Angeles Mountains in the western United States. The planning scope of the project is in Malibu, near the Santa Monica mountain. The research mapping out the areas where the wildfire, flooding and soil erosion the most severe. At the same time, the soil serves as a medium to carry the meaning of life and death. The vision of this project is to transform the area where the most serious soil erosion and flooding occur after the wildfire in into a new experimental site, which as an innovative memorial recreational park. The strategy is tried to build a series of resilient infrastructure in reaction to local disasters as while as achieving the cultural value – providing varied burial practice and memorial events and space not only for residents but also for wildlife. The design implemented into 3 stages and would be continued. It is a growing, resilient, and recreational memorial park.