Louise Rogier, M.Arch '21

ARCH 705: Advanced Graduate Architecture Design


Instructor: Lorcan O'Herlihy

Designing much needed Affordable Housing in the city of LA on a macrolevel, while on a microlevel considering the existing context and returning much of the public space and amenities back to the community. This project includes affordable housing for people in various stages of life, work-opportunities in the public amenities for Local & Leimert Park residents, a chance for ambitious community members to start their own business, co-working space so, a rooftop where fresh produce can be grown for Local & Leimert Park residents, as well as sports fields and shaded outdoor spaces for workouts, enjoying music and/or food together. Lastly, it shows how a Los Angeles secondary street can be reimagined; creating more and safer pedestrian spaces, designated bike-lanes, equally as much parking as existing, while maintaining a road where people can drive through with a car that should be shown off or that contains heavy bags of groceries, for example.