ARCH 605B: Graduate Architecture Design - Comprehensive Gallery: LA Med-Hive

LA Med-Hive

Unplugged Medical and Educational Center, a hybrid medical center in Leimert Park, draws inspiration with a diverse set of parameters such as environmental sustainability, social connectivity, and as a shaper of community. It is located at the intersection of the Expo / Crenshaw Metro rail network. Unplugged Medical and Educational Center provides dynamic functions, such as medical services and educational programs. The project provides a large open space at each level, which connects the various programs to the outdoors. In this sense, it reverses the traditional environment of the medical center, connecting the occupants to fresh air and sunlight, amenities that make the sometimes stressful experience of the medical environment more psychologically, and physiologically comfortable. In the end, Unplugged Medical and Educational Center provides a community-friendly space, also a mix-used medical service space, where people could feel relaxed walk around the building.