Sheng-Ting Huang, M.Arch+3 ’22

ARCH 505B: Graduate Architecture Design I - Elements, Principles and Phenomena

Gallery: The Inside and the Outside

Instructor: Yo-ichiro Hakomori

With the lightness of the curtain wall system intertwined with the solidity of the concrete volumes, this project explicitly presents the contradiction of these two figures. Referring to Robert Venturi’s description of Le Corbusier’s Mill Owner’s Building in Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture, “The repetitive pattern of the brise-soleil invokes rhythms which are violently broken by the entrance void, the ramp, and the stairs. These latter elements, consisting of varying diagonals, create violent adjacencies from the side and violent superadjacencies from the front, in relation to the rectangular static floor divisions within the box-like form”. In my project, the grids of the fritted glasses are interrupted with the concrete solid elements, which differentiates levels of privacy. The layered floors within an open volume, make the interior space more spatial and continuous. With some modulated furniture, this project explores the possibility of micro-dwelling housing within this continuous but articulated spatial volume.