Interweave : Integration of Health and Community

Victoria Dam, M.Arch +2 '21, MBS '22

ARCH 705: Advanced Graduate Architecture Design

Gallery: A Mixed-use "COVID Resistant" Outpatient Clinic, Elderly Care Center and 55+ Homeless Housing

Instructor: Victor Regnier

The project was driven by the use of green spaces in the form of several gardens, community park, and public exercise facilities to encourage users to enjoy nature and spend time outside. Two of the main programs were housed together to allow the creation of a community and for shared spaces. The Nursing Home, which is composed of the elderly, placed on top of the Outpatient Clinic allowing the users to have better views of activity on the site and the adjacent community space. It also allowed the creation of a dementia garden that could be accessed by both the outpatient staff and nursing home occupants.

Designed in a similar fashion, the 55+ Homeless Housing acts like a little sister to the OutPatient/Nursing Home, stationed alongside the public street instead of being hidden away in the corner of the site. The project incorporates multiple terrace gardens specifically for the residents and multiple meeting areas. Lastly, several COVID-19 specific designs were included such as multiple ground-level surge areas, alternative drop-offs procedures, and heightened hygiene areas for exam rooms and patient care areas.