Housing the Informal

Billal Ashai, M.Arch+2 ’20

ARCH 793B: Architecture Directed Design Research

Gallery: Composite Figures

Instructor: Geoffrey von Oeyen

California’s Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) policy (permitting the existence of two Accessory Dwelling Units by right on any Single Family Home Zoned Property) provides a contextual opportunity to densify Los Angeles’ most ubiquitous site typology. However, the full potential of this policy is fragmented, due to property walls separating each neighbor’s backyard from one another. If an entire R-1 block was to consolidate their abutting 15′ Rear Yard Setback areas, a 30′ wide site can be formed to design a consolidated form of the ADU policy.Using Fiber-reinforced Polymers as a main building material, this thesis explores how this new density can catalyze the good in an existing suburban block, promoting new degrees of community and intimacy.