Green Network

Kunyang Guo, MLA '22

ARCH 542A: Landscape Architecture Design

Gallery: Urban Design Studio: Edge Conditions

Instructor: Jessica M. Henson

Over the 20th-century as Southern California development intensified, more clashes with the natural environment emerged, and a region once celebrated for its connection to nature and indoor/outdoor livability, like city of Burbank and Glendale, is now in the midst of a housing crises, wildfires worsened by climate change, and rapid loss of biodiversity. it’s time to take action for our environment to ensure the future livability of our cities. The industrial corridor cuts off the connection of green space in urban area and threatens the environment. However, it has the potential to be remodeled into mixed-use communities that, along with existing parks and a network of green streets, form a healthy and environmental-friendly community network. The key is reconnecting green space.