ARCH 505B: Graduate Architecture Design I - Elements, Principles and Phenomena Gallery: The Inside and the Outside

Flow up Through

“The Villa Savoye with its wall openings […] restrict any flowing space rigidly to the vertical direction” – Robert Venturi

This micro-dwelling is intended to serve as a guest house for a visiting lecturer at USC. Adjacent to the School of Architecture, the form consists of two vertical masses that have, in Venturi’s words, “interior rigidity.” Vertical space is used as a means of establishing a dialogue or contrast with the compact and narrow space of the ground floor, and the openness or expansiveness of the upper level. On the ground floor there is a daybed, a small dining table and kitchenette. On the north side there is a hot tub for an evening dip. However, not all the spaces are clearly defined implying a sense of mystery and wonder. The strategy for vertical circulation enhances this as it is not clear what is hidden behind the walls until further exploration, when the occupant encounters a staircase. The second level contains a bedroom and bathroom.