Filtered Medium

Brice Schiano, M.Arch '22 and Lindsay Leon, M.Arch '22

ARCH 605B: Graduate Architecture Design - Comprehensive

Gallery: LA Med-Hive

Instructor: John Southern

Situated at the north end of the Crenshaw Corridor, at the intersection of the Crenshaw and Expo light rail lines, in an area and community with a noticeable deficit in parks and open public spaces, Filtered Medium is a Medical-Hive that serves as a health clinic, medical training hub, community center, and park. The project takes the traditional park and building relationship and forces an interaction between them; a conflation of one into the other. Filtered Medium produces a space for exchange and interaction of the diverse communities at the intersection of urban and domestic. A place where the integration of architecture, landscape, and infrastructure create a new socially ecological public experience.