Elemental Ensemble

Kevin Ness, M.Arch+3 ’22

ARCH 505B: Graduate Architecture Design I - Elements, Principles and Phenomena

Gallery: The Inside and the Outside

Instructor: Luciana Varkulja

Elemental Ensemble is an exploration of expandable and aggregative architecture based on simple primitive elements which either standalone or connect to create a cohesive whole. Each element’s poche massing blurs distinction between form, structure, and function. Furniture and living tools can compress and fold to fit within the poche when not in use or when storage is desired. Conversely, the living environment can open, unfold and unpack to convert the nature and use of the neighboring space. This project sees the potential of working with units to become aggregation. Each unit is independently self-sufficient, or, in concert with additional units, creates an ensemble of spaces and functions that grows to meet the evolving needs of the user and community. The expandable quality of this proposal allows for a variable cost structure and most importantly a reduced entry price which can potentially serve the needs of economically marginalized populations. One can envision a diverse and multi-faceted sea of elemental units either informally or methodically deployed to scale beyond the micro unit into the realm of community, serving as the connective tissue to disparate communities across cities and borders.
Physical model images and oblique. Threshold, Passage, Room. Alteration and Addition to USC Fisher Museum of Art (Project 01)