ARCH 793B: Architecture Directed Design Research Gallery: Critical Drawings, No Pens


Over the past 40 years, 3D printing has amplified from its initial patent in the early 1980’s to the burgeoning industry set to intervene our standard models of creation. Architecture is tangibly working to introduce and expand the parameters of 3D printing, also commonly referred to as additive manufacturing. To date, architects have printed; components, walls, foundations and have pushed the limits to create sustainable dwellings, mid-rise structures, and pedestrian bridges. The thesis proposed aims to become the next architectural scale, a residential high-rise tower. By working at this level, new questions of construction, architecture and 3d printing come to the forefront of the conversation. A core constraint for the project, the 3D printing mechanisms are to part of the building enabling the entirety of the build to be done on site, thereby eliminating the need for mass deliveries and larger construction footprints. Concurrently, the project looks closely at how architectural language can be re-imagined through the printer and how mass customization can become the standard for residential living.