Crescenta 2100

Hector Cova, MLA+3 ’21

ARCH 542: Landscape Architecture Design

Gallery: Southern California Hydrologic Region Climate Adaptation

Instructor: Esther Margulies

We started by studying the South Coast Hydrologic region of California in order to produce strategies in response to climate change and population scenarios for the next 80-100 years. The site selected for this project stretches between areas of high environmental value; the Verdugo Mountains and the Angeles National Forest, at the top of its watershed. In between these mountain ranges stretches a strip of urbanization, and within is a network of smooth concrete channels ultimately connected to the LA river. This is a set of pilot strategies that favor wildlife, ecosystem connectivity, hydrology, soil and the environment in-situ and downstream. Applying strategies starting from the top of the watershed down is proposed as an initial evolutive model for future regional development downstream.