ARCH 505B: Graduate Architecture Design I Gallery: Clusters and Aggregates: Housing and Urbanism

Courtyard ZigZag

The intention is to create a collective house for individuals interested in a co-living experience as well as other living arrangements. The units are based on a simple core and flexible space diagram that can accommodate various types of households including singles, single parents, roommates or couples, small families, and workforce residents. Beginning with a simple bar typology, the linear configuration zigzags back and forth between the edges of the site to create two large courtyards—an open lawn or commons that can be used in various ways, and an allotment or community garden for growing fruit, vegetables, and herbs.

A beveled roof form was adopted to provide as much direct sunlight into the two courtyards as possible. Private and semi-private courtyards, roof terraces and patios, are sprinkled throughout. An external bi-fold shutter system permits inhabitants to adjust the level of privacy and amount of light and air the units receive.