ARCH 705: Advanced Graduate Architecture Design Gallery: A Mixed-use "COVID Resistant" Outpatient Clinic, Elderly Care Center and 55+ Homeless Housing

Compton Spring Healthcare Campus

The aim of the project is to connect design to population health overall and build a friendly health care campus to benefit the community. The programs including mixed-use “COVID Resistant” Outpatient Clinic, Elderly Care Center and 55+ Homeless Housing, and a famer’s market. Instead of using monolithic structures set off from roads where residents hardly ever enter when they’re not sick, the new campus opens doors to the neighbors, encouraging contacts with the environment and social interactions, and all in an effort to keep people well rather than treat illness. The campus also features several gardens, landscapes, public exercise facilities, and a central water feature so the locals can frequent the campus and enjoy the view. The design of nursing home and outpatient building also took Covid-19 into consideration, leading to a more flexible and safe architecture space. In short, the new campus promotes healthy lifestyles through de-sign and connects the local neighborhood in a better way.