Community Garden

Dingdong Tang, M.Arch +2 '21

ARCH 705: Advanced Graduate Architecture Design

Gallery: A Mixed-use "COVID Resistant" Outpatient Clinic, Elderly Care Center and 55+ Homeless Housing

Instructor: Victor Regnier

The project consists of three programs (an outpatient clinic, a nursing home, and a homeless housing), which are connected through the hanging garden, ensuring their independent identity while creating multiple levels of connection.

The homeless housing is located at the northeast corner of the site. On the third floor, there is a semi-outdoor theater facing the recreational center, which maximizes the view of the recreational center.

The nursing home is located to the west of the site, facing the high school. Different forms of addition and subtraction are used to create different roof gardens, ensuring that the occupants can experience the outdoor landscape without leaving the house during the COIVD period.

The outpatient clinic is a three-story building facing 41st Street. The first floor is twice as high as normal, so there is a dementia garden connecting the clinic with the nursing home on the second floor.

The project aims to bring health to the community and provide convenient medical services. The interaction between the three programs and between the project and the community is carried out through the semi-public roof garden, a convertible farmers’ market, and different gardens on the ground.