ARCH 605B: Graduate Architecture Design - Integrated Technologies Studio Gallery: Open Source Cross Laminated Timber

Chameleon: Urban Continuity

Chameleon aims to capitalize on the existing successes of the adjacent dross scapes while improving upon their failures. An understanding of the intended and unintended users of these spaces was key to the development of this site and a preservation of the vernacular program was the guiding principle in design.

The site is currently an interstitial afterthought at the convergence of creatives, chefs, bar patrons, industrial employees, houseless people and artists. This makes its development heavy with consequence. A careful charting of the connection between spaces both formal and informal, intended and unintended helped illustrate a better understanding of the site’s relationship to the surrounding spaces.

Chameleon draws from specific spatial relationships found in the adjoining areas to produce its form and organize its program in an attempt to avoid disruption and invigorate the existing urbanism.