Bridging Views

Thiago Lisboa, M.Arch+3 ’21 and Louise Rogier, M.Arch+3 ’21

ARCH 605B: Graduate Architecture Design - Integrated Technologies Studio

Gallery: Open Source Cross Laminated Timber

Instructor: Patrick Tighe

The idea for this project was to propose a visual experience through circulation. The cross-laminated timber structure lies along the Los Angeles River, with community and co-working spaces that overlook Downtown and the Hills. Tall bar buildings are connected by bridges that allow for great views of the surroundings and an auditorium provides a roof connection to North Spring Street creating an outdoor space for some public amenities. The gridded façade protects the interiors from direct sunlight as it creates geometry through shadows. The aim was to make it look as light as possible, leaving an impression of structures that are lifted off the ground. An innovative project with sustainable materials and new construction methods for an ever-evolving community.