ARCH 542A: Landscape Architecture Design Gallery: Urban Design Studio: Edge Conditions

Bike Burbank

Through investing in a bicycle network framework plan in Burbank, we can get people out of cars and reconnect the urban fabric. Burbank’s urban form has been disconnected over time through a series of infrastructures, including the freeways, the railroad tracks and the Los Angeles river and its tributaries. This has led to a disjointed, car dependent city that is unsafe and uncomfortable for alternative modes of transportation. As climate change becomes a reality and major regional transportation changes are implemented, it is imperative that Burbank commits to reimagining its transportation network to be environmentally friendly and pedestrian oriented. This framework plan proposes reconnecting key neighborhoods and improving the pedestrian and cyclist experience through the installment of protected dedicated bikeways, bicycle infrastructure nodes, changes in urban form and the creation of a deck park above the I-5 freeway corridor and adjacent to the multi-modal train and bus hub.