ARCH 505A: Graduate Architecture Design I Gallery: Rudiments

Bézier Recreation Center

The design of it plays the game of series of control points (known as Bézier curve) that determines both directions and formulations of hyperbola surfaces. There is a system where these openings are triangle surfaces as void, and the outer shell as well as inner walls are hyperbola surfaces as solid. The site is quite unique where it has four different edges, including an alley, a street, an avenue, and an edge with the adjacent building. My intension is to diffuse the boundary of the sidewalk and the site where it creates the gesture of attracting pedestrian flows and generates a primary node center on the corner between the street and the avenue. The primary goals are creating continuous spiral circulation from the bottom level to the third level and generates an atrium space in the middle, resulting spaces that diffuses the boundaries among each levels and different programs.