ARCH 793B: Architecture Directed Design Research Gallery: The Drawing, Computation, The Machine, and The Hand

Airspace Capsules

This thesis presents an urban landform architecture that combines vast, discontinuous space into a landscape for living. Buildings act as a geographical extension forming an urban landscape. Using vertical “land” to develop and “invade” existing structures, this thesis views the city as a supportive landscape for daily life.

Based on a growing population of digital nomads and increasing urban congestion, capsule housing is proposed as a solution to issues of the contemporary urban condition. Through the use of available free space above buildings in the city, capsule spaces provide various functional spaces to alleviate urban congestion. The capsule housing is composed of different types of modular units. Each module is stacked and connected according to its morphology. These connections vary in form and function, creating many places for community interaction. The space is diversified but still coherent. While providing residential space, it also creates a circulation of different types and directions.

The existing city becomes a landscape that allows life to grow in multiple directions by using the urban environment as a continuation of physical geography.