Graduate Projects Spring 2023

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ARCH698B_AlexanderRobinson_LufanHu_Cover – Lufan Hu

Designing Flow

This studio focuses on the design, development, and application of design and community engagement practice for the Los Angeles River Integrated Design Lab and the G2 & G1 parcels. The…

Cover Photo_FangzhouNi – Fangzhou Ni

Plate Tectonics

To “see” architecture, or feel the space of a room, is to see beyond the surface that bounds it—the material from which that surface is constructed, to its intentionality, meaning…

Arch793__YaohuaWang_SiqiZhang_Thumbnail – Siqi Zhang

Tectonics of Many

This section works with the proposition that contemporary space is not singular but rather an assemblage of many spaces that overlap and are superimposed. It is the coexistence of multiple…