Arch 698B: Advanced Design Research Studio

Designing Flow

This studio focuses on the design, development, and application of design and community engagement practice for the Los Angeles River Integrated Design Lab and the G2 & G1 parcels. The fundamental question of the studio is: how do we make a design process for the Los Angeles River that is at once inclusive, imaginative, and technically informed? And more specifically, how do we employ the physical model and the LA-RIDL lab in this pursuit? Through its focus on a specific parcel and opportunity the ADR studio seeks to answer larger questions about how we can make the design of multi-functional infrastructure inclusive and imaginative and increase their success. The studio will culminate in a final “fair” at the lab both presenting and demonstrating the student work. Students can express preferences for multiple tracks of study.

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Arch698b_AlexRobinson_BayleyDinkin_Cover – Leslie Dinkin

Point of Confluence

Through processes of social learning, learning through observation and interaction, learners can engage in collaborative problem-solving, feedback, and group reflection, providing space for the sharing as well as the hearing…