Critical Drawings, No Pens

SP. 21

ARCH 793B: Architecture Directed Design Research

Instructor: Lisa Little

Directed Design Research enables students to dedicate a year of work to a single critical position. In the ‘Critical Drawings, No Pens’ section of the research (thesis prep) seminar, students used precedent studies of sets of drawings to create a launching point for a new design that whole-heartedly embraces technology while also taking on a thesis worthy inquiry. The emphasis of this section was to use drawings to harness technology and suggest new ideas, but not for the sake of the technology nor for the sake of form-finding, but instead because technology is our hope. As we proceed into the unknowns that are now our world: a global pandemic, devastating climate change, and fundamental inequities, thinking about radical solutions is more warranted and needed than ever.

Invisible Neighbors

Luis Salas Jimenez, M.Arch '21

Class of 2021 M.Arch Outstanding Directed Design Research Award