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502_Casper_Gonzalez_Cover – Nataly Gonzalez-Fimbres


This project explores the future of retail by addressing a future hybrid of physical and online shopping. It supposes a future where Maximal consumerism is…

ARCH502a_SaschaDelz_GuyLaforet_Thumbnail – Guy Laforet-Kawaguchi

Urban Nomads

The NOMAD system is a hyper-mobile shelter unit that gives the users agency to embark on self-improving journeys without the limitation of being stuck in…

ARCH502a_MaryCasper_VirginiaLeopard_Page1 copy – Virginia Leopard

Edible Spaces

Our relationship with food is strained, unfamiliar and wasteful. my thesis strives to reimagine how and where we eat, looking at each element of the…

ARCH502a_MaryCasper_ChailaJohnson_CoverPhoto – Chaila Johnson

Alta Scape

Alta Scape combines the more basic neighborhood with the walkability of the theme park and the projective elements of the theme park attraction. With this…

ARCH502a_MaryCasper_NastassjaLafontant_BILLBOARD – Nastassja Lafontant

Bathroom Rituals

Studying Americanized bathroom spaces and how to implement Eastern social factors as if they were Roman bathhouse or sentos. I would argue that the only…

ARCH793b_Wes Jones_Jennifer Otsuki_Thumbnail – Jennifer Otsuki


Paffard Keatinge-Clay’s Mt. Tamalpais Pavilion has been subjected to many subsequent changes since the initial building was produced. Tam2.0 implements the strategies of vaulting and…