The Drawing, Computation, The Machine, and The Hand

ARCH 793b: Architecture Directed Design Research

Instructor: Lisa Little

Architects have been using drawings to visualize technology-based design for decades without the technology to produce those drawings. Precedents of this nature are studied to create a launching point for new designs that whole-heartedly embrace technology while ensuring that techniques for maintaining elements of the human/craft remain a part of the work and the process. Each student proposes a way forward for themselves that conveys the spirit discovered in the precedents, aiming to achieve work that is fresh, positive and alive.

Class of 2020 M.Arch Outstanding Directed Design Research Award

Long Air or, L.A.

Fabian Dietrich, M.Arch+2 ’20

Instructor: Lisa Little

Class of 2020

Public Domain

Claire Labanz, M.Arch+2 ’20

Instructor: Lisa Little