ARCH 705: Advanced Graduate Architecture Design

A Mixed-use “COVID Resistant” Outpatient Clinic, Elderly Care Center and 55+ Homeless Housing

A community-oriented healthcare setting focused on the frail elderly and those with chronic disabilities in a low income 3 acre site between the Thomas Jefferson High School and the Snyder Recreation Center near USC. The program consists of a 40,000 square foot Outpatient clinic, 50 units of nursing care (in 10 unit clusters) and 50 units of 55+ homeless housing. One important focus of the studio is to explore design ideas that create a safer environment for the older frail, who have experienced the highest rates of mortality during the COVID pandemic. An additional component explores the role of the landscape in creating healthy places for exercise and healing.

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Arch705_VictorReigner_SanjanaSatyaPrakash_CoverPhoto – Sanjana Satya Prakash